michelle Skyler's Biography

            Michelle Skyler is a music producer located in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Her music career began at the ripe young age of eight years old. She was hooked on making music ever since she began playing the violin. Since then her knowledge and passion for music skyrocketed. She continued her music career throughout middle school, high school and college. During her time in high school and college, Michelle learned how to play a number of different instruments. She enrolled in an outside music school called, The School of Rock where she was taught how to play the guitar and bass guitar. At the age of 16, Michelle received an internship to work in a music studio located in New York City. The music studio is called JamBox Entertainment. While she was an intern at JamBox she was able to get a hands-on experience of what it’s like to work in the music industry. Since then she knew she wanted to pursue music as a future career.


            During her time at Full Sail University, Michelle went through a number of extensive music theory classes. These classes allowed her to learn how to play the piano and notate a plethora of other instruments that can be found in an orchestra. Not only is Michelle a well-rounded musician but she is also a skilled music producer. She has extensive knowledge when it comes to working with industry leading music programs such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Sibelius. She is a professional music producer who specializes in sound design, Foley work for films and original compositions for certain music genres. Michelle tends to focus her compositions around Electric Dance Music and Hip Hop for album work. She also creates horror themed music primarily for films. Being a certified music producer, Michelle is ready to conquer the music industry.